The WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA Trade Fair again expects 20,000 Visitors Including Many VIPs. Outstanding new autumn products and services from the world of beauty and leisure will be unveiled at The WORLD OF BEAUTY
& SPA cosmetic trade fair on 8 and 9 September in the Letňany district of Prague.

At the fair we will introduce four hundred exhibition booths offering the latest products, methods, and treatments in the field of home and professional cosmetics, including skin care, massage, bath, wellness and spa products, spa and hotel wellness facilities, hair-care and styling products, creams, oils, and nutrition and healthy lifestyle products.

Top-notch make-up artists, hairdressers and stylists will present the new autumn and winter trends on the trade fair’s stages. An inspiring competitive entry will be famous make-up artist Pavel Bauer with his make-up and fashion shows „Fashion Games“ and „Perfume”. Elegant ‘Blue Dahlia” make-up will be created by seven final participants for the Czech make-up competition  as well under the direction of make-up artist Pavel Bauer. Visitors are looking forward to the hairstyle creations of legendary hairstylists Romana Topinková, Honza Špilar, Honza Hlaváček and Daniela Hejtmánková.. During the master hairstyling contest „INSPIRATION 2018” will competitors will create the hair styles the on the topic: „Balayage & Ombré”. There will be a competition for the best nail  designs for various occasions, and there will be a huge number of participants in the competition devoted to eyelash extensions on the topic “Egypt-Kleopatra”.

The „natural fitness” competition will be filled with enviable male and female bodies greeted with rounds of thunderous applause from spectators.  Brand new and attractive will be Competition „International Beauty Foot Cup Czech 2017”.

Visitors will be able to meet famous personalities on stage and at the fair booths. A parade of ‘lace temptations’ shown on behalf of Fashion Island will be presented by the most beautiful girls in the Czech Republic – Miss Czech Earth Karolína Mališová, the Miss Czech Republic competition in 2009 Tereza Budková, Miss Czech Republic Lucie Kovandova etc.

Anti-aging skin care, aromatherapy, relaxation, and a healthy lifestyle will be the pilot themes of the booths and salons at the trade fair. The main themes of the program will be revolutionary new methods in care for the skin and body, both those developed in international laboratories, improved versions of the traditional natural recipes of our grandmothers, and imports from exotic countries.  

The fair will not be just a platform for inspiration but for many it will also above all be an opportunity for consultation. It will even offer visitors a chance to observe ‘live’ the effects of new products and methods and often they could even experience it on their own skin. Experts in the workshops and at the booths will  answer questions and provide practical advice for looking one’s best and for a healthy lifestyle, an essential part of which is mental wellbeing, healthy personal fulfilment, and a positive approach to ourselves and others around us.  

Alongside skin care a range of massage methods will be on offer, such as massages with bamboo sticks or hot stones, Indian head massages, Ayurveda massage, and the Kinesio Taping Method. There will be a fascinating workshop on saunas and the beneficial effects of massage and aromatherapy on mental wellbeing.
The program will present a range of hand and foot care products. The entire event will be rounded up with an array of offers for continuing education and requalification courses.

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Odborný kontraktační veletrh  dekorací, bytových a kuchyňských doplňků a dárkůAIRPORT OPEN DAY 2017
March 16-17, 2018
September 7–8, 2018

International Nail Design Symposium 2017
9. 11. 2017 – Slovanský dům Praha

International Nail Design Symposium 2017

Nový podzimní Beauty Box je tu!
Obsahuje 15 plnohodnotných produktů pro vaši krásu. Udělejte si radost a nechte se hýčkat.

Nový podzimní Beauty Box je tu!

3.Odborno-prezentačný kozmetický kongres
Les nouvelles esthétiques – 14. 10. 2017

V letošním roce se veletrhu na stánku obchodního oddělení Velvyslanectví USA zúčastní zástupce firmy Brock Beauty. Firma hledá distributora / dovozce. Brock Beauty je výrobcem vlasové kosmetiky Hairfinity. K produktům značky Hairfinity patří vitamíny pro růst a objem vlasů, kondicionéry na suché vlasy, tužky na barvení kořínků vlasů, oleje, vlasová séra, šampóny. Firma je již aktivní na evropském trhu, kde má i sklad svých výrobků. /

Brock Beauty je výrobcem vlasové kosmetiky Hairfinity

Navštivte stánek nehtové kosmetiky ENII-NAILS a využijte výstavních slev. Těšíme se na Vás!

Navštivte stánek nehtové kosmetiky ENII-NAILS a využijte výstavních slev!